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really feel badly for this family next to us. they've been my neighbors for a long time. >> reporter: the family who lost this home tell me they'll be staying with relatives, grateful nobody lost their life. this woman was evacuated, but convinced firefighters to go back to the apartment to rescue the puppies. >> my kids are the most important, but i can't leave my animals behind. >> reporter: firefighters tell me they will remain here in the neighborhood for the night to keep an eye on hot spots. ktvu channel 2 news. >> our team coverage begins with ken who is live with what we have learned about the cause of the fire. >> reporter: streets are still closed here. fire officials say they know where the fire started, but they admit they may never know exactly how it started. it was called in at 3:39 this afternoon, a fire burning along the shoulder of the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 when there was a cigarette or a spark from a vehicle or something else, but nothing has been determined. it was a challenge for firefighters. >> it's extremely hard and moves extremely fast. you lit
escorted us through the construction zone. near the tunnel, special trucks applied a final protective coating to the roadway but connection to the new bridge has not been completed. >> these columns of where a permanent onramp from yerba buena island to the new span will be built. but the most critical work is moving forward. asphalt trucks coming from pleasanton has awaited moving ahead as scheduled. >> they're averaging 37 minutes from their plant to the construction site. >> reporter: back out here live here's another live look at the work that's going on. appears to be some surveying going on before they do some additional paving leading back to the toll plaza. managers aren't able to say that they are ahead of schedule but they do say they always leave room for error during big construction projects like these. it's still possible that the new bay bridge could be open for business as early as late monday. eric rasmussen. >>> the new bay bridge span has been years in the making and progress has sometimes seemed to move at a snail's pace. but caltrans gave us this sped up view. >>
>>> the sooner, the better, that's what transportation officials are telling us tonight about plans to fast track the opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge. frank somerville has the night off. >> i'm julie haener. the official decision comes tomorrow. the new eastern span opening on september 3. ktvu's noel walker is live now. >> reporter: that five day closure could happens a soon as two weeks from tonight, if they decide to go with the labor day opening. you see that v in the road. it's where the old and new spans meet. it will look completely different, whenever the new span opens. if the new bay bridge span was your new house, you would be planning moving day now. about up through tuesday, 5:00 a.m. >> reporter: the work flow charts are set. all we need is a date. like most new construction, the new bridge move in date is a new target. >> the old date was labor day weekend. they need to decide. >> reporter: while most roads point to labor day weekend, that decision will be made tomorrow morning. tonight, we narrow down the timing. >> no matter what weekend we do close at
on their to do list. we have team coverage beginning with debra. she is live at the toll plaza to show us the flurry of activity going on. >> reporter: frank, it's so busy, they could turn on the metering lights here. the white pile johns were just installed. they are working on paving and striping the westbound approach to the toll plaza. this is another notch in the timeline which cal-tran said is right on schedule. it's the rare day you can cruise toward the city with the bay bridge this empty. the only traffic now is construction and media care vans. >> a tremendous amount of excitement. everyone is feeling very confident. we are on track. >> reporter: on track demolishing thousand feet of the old upper deck, looking east, you can see is crumbling. by this time tomorrow, a crane will be ready to replace it with the sections of pedestrian and bypass. >> a straight shot in. 50-miles an hour from one end of the bridge to the other. out with the old means no more braking for the dreaded s turn. >> you won't have to slow down going into the tunnel or coming out of the tunnel. >> >> reporte
're letting us down. you know. they're leaving us stranded. >> the alameda contra costa district carries 1,100 passengers a day. >> we're a little more than 1% apart. the sticking point is on health and welfare patients to their premiums. currently we're asking them to pay 10% like all the other employees do. >> reporter: union workers tell us they haven't had a strike in 28 years and they're planning to work through tomorrow night to avoid a strike on wednesday morning. now reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >>> and now to the b.a.r.t. labor dispute and a hearing set for wednesday morning. at that time b.a.r.t. and its unions are scheduled to line out their differences before governor brown. he will decide whether to impose a cooling off period for up to 60 days. a spokeswoman for b.a.r.t. said they asked the governor to intervene. the union said they're disappointed that it's come to this. >> we don't need cooling off, we don't need an investigation. we need b.a.r.t. to do this right. >> reporter: the unions and bart will present their negotiation. wednesday's hearing is open to
was last seen with sandra coke the. we go to eric rasmussen. >> reporter: police tell us they will be searching by land and by water. this could go on all night long. we have detectives out here. search and rescue teams even members of the fbi. police confirmed a man sandra coke once dated is a person of interest. he is in custody but they have not said if he's the one that gave them the information that led them here tonight. even though it's after dark. police say they launched this search as soon as they learned this might be where they could find sandra coke. the 50-year-old woman from oakland as been missing since sunday evening. >> we're still treating this as a missing person we're also looking at this from an angle if there is foul play involved. >> reporter: police also confirmed they've identified 56- year-old randy alana as a person of interest. alana who has prior convictions of kidnap and rape was picked up a few days ago. he had recently contacted alana. tonight police revealed alana had been seen with coke the night of the disappearance. >> i can't share wi
. we get the latest from ken wayne. he's been on the frontlines for two days now, and joins us from the command center along highway 120, which is still closed tonight between groveland and yosemite. >> reporter: there are now 1,080 firefighters from as far away as san diego and bend, oregon, working this fire. the day side crews are getting a meal. night side crews are out there on the fire lines, hoping to contain this fire, which is now just 5% contained. meantime, about 8 miles away, an advisory evacuation is underway in pine mountain lake. sheriffs deputies are going door-to-door, telling residents they should leave their homes, because the fire is getting dangerously close. deputies get their name so they'll know who to look for if the fire moves in. the fire's movement today proved to be very unpredictable. there were some tense moments at the fire command post, as heavy black smoke began billowing from the forest at the camp's edge. soon large flames appeared, and it became clear the fire was heading straight for the camp, housing dozens of support vehicles and personnel. >>
a stethoscope, even had an id badge. new details tonight from amber lee. she tells us a facebook posting led to the woman's arrest. amber? >> reporter: julie, the sheriff's department tells us, the woman accused of impersonating the nurse was arrested at this parking lot behind valley medical center. investigators are still looking at why she did it, and for how long. >> 29-year-old crystal cook of felton is facing two charges of impersonating a county employee, and possessing a fake hospital id card. because the charges are misdemeanors, she was released not long after she was arrested friday. >> looks very familiar to me. >> we showed the hospital worker this photo of cook. >> when was the last time you saw her? >> i don't know exactly the time, but the face is very familiar. >> several times? >> i have seen this face. you see the face, and you remember. that's what i think i have seen her face. >> reporter: valley medical center says an employee with cal star, an air ambulance service alerted the hospital thursday afternoon, after seeing cook's postings on facebook, claiming to be a hospi
be with hannah anderson and that he may be headed to canada or texas. >>> the lessons learned from this first use of the notification system. >>> developing news now, take a look at our count down clock we are now less than two hours until a possible strike by ac transit bus driver. as the clock continues to tick down toward a midnight deadline, we've learned that the two sides of this ac transit dispute actually aren't that far apart. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live at the negotiation site in oakland with new information about the tenor of the talks, jana. >> reporter: that's right and frank i talked to a source who tells me that right now things are looking very positive and there is a feeling upstairs in the boardroom that they might actually be able to reach a deal tonight. now we were up there when they went into closed session at 6:30. they have been in there ever since. they say there's been significant progress since this morning but the bottom line is there's still no deal. for bus drivers it's a stressful time. not knowing whether a strike at midnight might leave them stranded tomorrow. >
from egypt with one grieving family member speaking to us and sharing his story tonight. >> these are people like us who's lives were cut short, suddenly. >> reporter: dozens of people with their own ties of egypt held candles and wore white in a way to honor those killed. >> that is my brother-in-law. >> reporter: he says his brother-in-law, 37-year-old man is among the hundreds killed in cairo yesterday. >> we were told he was shot yesterday by someone within the field hospital. we could not get ahold of him this morning when his id went on tv and people started saying this is an unclaimed body. this is his id. >> we showed him a photo and photos of his brother-in-law and two young children. tonight they prayed as the sun went down and lit candles and american and egyptian flags and they say they usually stay away from egyptian politics but they had to be herein cluing this gentleman who is about to start the first year here at the university. >> if i agree with their poe decision is important to honor the fact that they protested -- -- i don't agree with their posit
there is still time to get a deal done. heather holmes tells us why tomorrow is shaping up to be a crucial day. >> reporter: frank, negotiators for one of the unions remained here upstairs with b.a.r.t. until just about a half hour ago, where representative the for the second union involved atu, they left about 6:30 tonight. chief negotiators did not sound very optimistic when they walked out. saying there had been progress on the smaller issues, but no progress at all on those three big economic issues. from a crowded evening commute on b.a.r.t., to no b.a.r.t. at all. the bay area braces for the possibility of a second strike. >> we've got four days left to bargain. of course there should be some concern. >> reporter: she said today's talks yielded no results on the major issues at the heart of this dispute. she accused of district of dragging its feet. >> we are waiting for their response. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s leading negotiator had limited response to talks about the progress of negotiation. >> you stated a little bit later than yesterday. >> ask the mediator. the mediators are controll
is not in session. some students and campus employees and teachers are on camp us to prepare for the start of classes at the end of the month. >> it is shocking. i can not imagine. there has been a lot of construction going on in this area. >> reporter: catherine said she graduated earlier this year but can can not help wondering about the life lost here. >> the person had a potential future and i remember walking these grounds and everything they experienced what that person was experiencing but it stopped today. >> reporter: the pipeline's coo tells me they will regroup tomorrow to decide when to resume construction here. he wants to pay his respects to the family and offer them a viceit to the site before anything continues here. >>> new video where investigators are working to find the cause of a fire that destroyed several units. firecrews say they aggressively attacked the blaze and doused the outside of the building and the brush surrounding it by water. four apartment units are uninhabitable. nobody was hurt. the 10-year-old anti antiyok boy killed sent us a picture of hunter. th
heard from both sides. she's live in oakland and tells us the talks have now ended for this evening. >> reporter: burning the midnight oil? not. they were done before dark. they put in eight hours, some talks but they still don't see eye to eye. >> my objective is to try to settle the b.a.r.t. contract. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. negotiator not often seen or heard is now the face of this conflict. unions say if they resume their talks monday, it'll be because he put a chill on the entire team. >> they would like to talk more but when he's in the room they've stated they're not free to express theiropinion. >> we're far apart on pensions and we're far apart on medical. >> reporter: far, they got a game plan from them. she proceeded to stand by hawk. >> tom hawk is our negotiator, has been, will be. i don't tell the unions who to hire. they're not telling me who to hire. >> reporter: but she also call it is union great partners. >> they're really great people. i love them and this is a process that happens every four years. i'm sorry that it's disruptive to the bay area. >> that's very nic
look over my shoulder, the flames are burning about a half mile to 3/4 mile away from us. fires generally lay down at night and that has been happening here but every once in a while we'll see what is called torching where individual pine trees or groups of trees will suddenly burst into flames and believe it or not in the middle of all that flame, the orange area that you see on the side of that mountain lies highway 120 and that road of course is closed. we want to show you some pictures from earlier this evening. these photos were shot about an hour ago so the intensity of the flames as they are burning even after the sun went down. as i mentioned fires generally lay down at night. in this case there's still very intense flames burning 60, 80, perhaps 100 feet into the air even after nightfall. there's still about 200 firefighters working right now in the darkness trying to do what they can to bring this fire under control. it has been a very long day and it's bound to be a long night ahead. >> reporter: the flames are burning on both sides of lake road. this is cherry road t
on the oakland side of the bridge. they tell us crews will have torn up 1.2 square miles of road. it is all part of the carefully choreographed plan to get the new span open to traffic no later than tuesday morning. before that work could start though, we got to witness a little bit of history. the toll for this ford model a, $4. but it has the priceless opportunity to be the last car through the old span of the bay bridge. the major task of shutting down the bridge began more than an hour earlier. officers slowly reduced the flow of traffic. from the rooftop of the toll plaza, we could see some cars actually pulled over to the shoulder, trying to wait out the clock. instead, bob had made arrangements earlier this week to be the last car on the 76- year-old structure, yet even he says he's ready for the future. >> am i going to miss the old bridge? i don't think so. don't miss anything old. something new is always enjoyable. >> reporter: here's another look at the work that started minutes after authorities closed the bridge tonight. during this project, there will be 2,000 truck loads of asphal
with ktvu for alerts on whether the strike is on our off. download the ktvu app. follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook. >>> a distraught mother of a 1- year-old shot to death overnight as he laid next to his father. people offered prayers at the home of drew jackson. the baby and andrew thomas were both killed. tonight, the baby's mother leaned on friends and family for support as she pleaded for help to find the killer. >> my baby happened to be one of those kids that died over nothing. what if that was your child? what if that was your anything. you've got to say something. there's got to be something you have to say. >> there were several people inside the home. ktvu's mike mibach spoke with one of them, she was actually in the room right next door and told mike what happened right after those shots were fired. >> reporter: the call 2:46 a.m., the call, shots fired. >> that's my family. >> when i opened up the door, my sister is standing there with baby drew in her hand saying the baby was shot. >> reporter: in the other room, her nephew, and great-nephew. she identified the
's the strategy. >> we have crews out there, hopefully we can get some containment that way. because that gives us a chance while it lays down at night. >> reporter: carl crowtzer runs a wood working shop and the fire reminds him of another tragedy. >> my mother lost her house in a fire. that was hard on her and i don't wish it on anyone. >> it is what it is. yeah, yeah. >> reporter: are you prepared that your home might be gone when you go back? >> yes. >> reporter: for some the awaited relief is gone. and firefighters say it won't take long before this fire explodes again. >> it creep, it creeps at night. but when the sun hits it in the morning, it takes off, i mean it takes off big time. >> reporter: the sunset rung out a fire for firefighters to head out tonight. 1,400 firefighters will continue to fight the rim fire going night and day and hopefully continue to gain some ground. robert honda, ktvu news. >>> the forest service puts the cost of fighting the rim fire at $4.4 million and climbing. it's burned 2,200 acres, two homes have been destroyed. >> you heard how robert was talking about ho
. investigators showed us the hundreds of laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other stolen goods found in just one storage locker. the sting began last thursday morning. it started here at 7th and market. police tell me this is a known hot spot for thieves fencing stolen goods. >> we were able to see them loading and unloading. >> reporter: police say these items were taken during home burglaries, car break-ins, or just snatched from a victim's hand. some were stolen from stores. thieves lined backpacks with aluminum foil. >> it disabled the sensors. >> reporter: and it can disrupt gps tracking. >> a lot of these had power, too, when we found them. so they were newly stolen. >> reporter: now investigators are trying to return these items to their owners. charles fisher tells me his home was broken into eight days ago. he filed a police report. police say it was key in helping them track down fisher. >> i had no idea i would ever get it back. >> that was a nice surprise. >> yeah. >> i guess a really sick terminally ill woman, who owns this ipad, and they were able to return it to her. >> reporter:
colvin sent us these photos. aaron cabr era sent us this shot right after sunset. we want to see your photos when severe weather hits you can e- mail them to photos at ktvu.com or postthem to our facebook page. >>> and did you suspect live storm tracker 2 is lit up right now. the thunderstorms are coming from the east moving to the west. an unusual direction for us. right now we have thunderstorms activity showing up east of palo alto. we got reports of showers in this area as well. the main thunder storms are offshore. they've been offshore for the past few hours so folks are seeing lightning flashes from half-moon bay and pacifica. they're seeing lots of it. we're seeing a lot of lightning strikes above davenport as well. this is over the last hour, see the lightning strikes. especially right off pacifica, we have a lot of parts for pacifica. and moving offshore the the heavy lightning is offshore. behind this we have a red flag warning in effect through wednesday. this is why for this lightning strikes. this is what i'm watching right now. this area here as it moves up over the val
. >> reporter: the question now is what will be done with the money set aside. that money will now be used to pay the event producer for planning that was already done. >> we have a contract with the contractor that contractor did a certain amount of work we need to go through and figure that out and we'll move on from there. >> the remaining money will go into the general fund. we have learned that officials are planning to have the bike path open too for pedestrians and bicyclists. >> it's still going to be a construction zone. we also need to be clear that it's not as if you're going to a city park. >> reporter: bridge officials say they will not have time to complete this bike path all the way to yerba buena avenue. it will stop short of where that big power is. so just be warned there won't be any more capacities, some people might be able to actually see the scene from the bridge on opening day. reporting live from oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> traffic is moving tonight in sonol after a postal truck overturned and snarled traffic for hours. the accident caused th
making an argument to me. i just see it in the way of me getting home. >> i use b.a.r.t.. it's frustrating. we don't want to go on strike. all i can do is ask them and try to get them to understand where we're coming from. >> reporter: even if it means shouting to anyone who will listen. it was a peaceful march out here tonight. look at this, our camera caught a union leader stopping a woman who was writing messages in chalk in the middle of the street. . >>> two members much the b.a.r.t. board of directors sat in on the talks today. they say they observed no progress being made. and at this point said a strike seemed probable. >> whatever management is doing has not yielded the results everybody would like. >> james chang is the longest serving member. he said the board has been left out of the process but the woord has a -- board has a dut to be fiscally prudent. >>> we pick up with amber lee, live in san fransisco after talking with regular b.a.r.t. riders who are already making other plans. achler. >> reporter: tonight we spoke with workers at one business here in the fin
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